• RunRevive After Run Foot Balm

    ✓ Soothes, heals and revives tired feet after running

    ✓ Helps prevent athletes foot and dry painful skin

    ✓ Formulated for runners, by a runner

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  • RunRevive After Run Foot Balm

    ✓ Soothes, heals and revives tired feet after running

    ✓ Helps prevent athletes foot and dry painful skin

    ✓ Formulated specifically for runners, by a runner

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Running Will Make You Younger, Richer, Happier And Better In Bed

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of running. Running helps you lose weight, it’s good for your heart, it strengthens bones and muscles. You’ve probably heard all this time and time again. If hearing this hasn’t motivated you to give it a go, then hearing it again from me isn’t going to make any difference.

We all want to be health, but we’re all busy with many plates to keep spinning in our lives, and sometimes, it’s just not our top priority.

So instead, I’m going to tell you some other reasons to give running a try. Some of these reasons might appeal to your priorities more.


Youthfulness is an attribute we all want to keep hold of. Billions a year are spent on anti-ageing creams, Botox and collegian injections all in the pursuit of a youthful appearance. 

Running improves your skin. Research at McMaster University in Ontario shows that runners over the age of 40 had skin that was more supple and elastic than non-runners. The skin of runners over 40 more closely resembles the skin of those in there 20s or 30s.  

Running improves your posture. As you age, you lose bone and muscle strength which can cause you to slouch more. The groups or muscles in the back, stomach and backside are all strengthened by running. These muscles are also responsible for maintaining good posture. Strengthening these muscles makes you stand up straight and tall and takes years off your age.

But youthfulness is more than this. What is more youthful than a child? A child thinks nothing of running up stairs or skipping and jumping. Running and exercise can make you like this again. Expensive anti-ageing products may make you look younger on the outside, but unless you feel and act younger on the inside, it means nothing.

Running and regular exercise really is the best anti-ageing product available.


We all want more wealth and there is nothing wrong with that. We live in an age of a fractured job market. Young people today can expect to have 15 different jobs during their lifetime. Many people have 2 or more jobs, and everyone has a “side hustle” such as selling on Ebay or dog walking. 

This trend is not going to change any time soon, so what can we do to get by in the modern world of work? Running gives a person the qualities they need to succeed in this kind of environment.

Running improves stamina. Working long hours and travelling is tiring. When we are tired, we are less motivated and make poor decisions. Improving our stamina helps this. Also counter intuitively, running increases your energy. You might assume that if you are tired after a days work, running is the last thing you should do. But once you have been running for a while, you will find your energy levels increase meaning you can get more done in the day.

Running improves mental sharpness. Another attribute which helps you succeed in the work place is mental sharpness. The ability to make quick decisions, quickly remember things and learn new skills means you are always one step ahead. Research at the University of British Columbia found that aerobic exercise, like running, can increase the size of the brain’s hippocampus. This is a part of the brain which helps with memories and learning.

Running improves the immune system. When you have a busy life, the last thing you want is to be sick. In 2016, 137 million workdays were lost to sickness in the UK. Many people do not even take sick days when they are ill, because they cannot afford to. Exercise causes in increase in blood flow; and it is believed that this causes the infection fighting white blood cells to be better circulated around the body helping them do their job.

All of this will make you excel in the work place. It will help you get the career you want or set up the business you want. 

Studies have shown that a higher percentage of wealthy and success people exercise regularly. It would be easy to dismiss this and say that they have more time to exercise. But they have busy lives too, many entrepreneurs work 70-100 hours a week.

The reality is that these high achievers make time for regular exercise because they know it gives them the strength and disciplined needed to achieve their ambitions. 


Happiness is underrated. Money is regularly talked about openly. We talk about house prices, footballers’ wages and the price of a loaf of bread all the time. However, we rarely talk about happiness, yet it impacts all areas of our lives even more than money.

Running can improve our mood in a number of ways:

Running combats stress. The scourge of modern life, and one of the main obstacles in the way of happiness is stress. Running helps clear the mind. When you run, you must think about running. If you run outside, you also see things around you, birds, trees other people. All of this takes your mind off your daily stresses. You need time away from these stresses, time to reset and calm your mind. 

Running also puts things into perspective. Many of us get up, go to the office, come home and repeat. Being stuck in the same places each day even with people we love can be like being in a pressure cooker. Issues mount up and we become overly obsessed with small details. Getting out for a run releases this pressure. Going a few miles away from the boxes in which you spend most of your life broadens your view of the world. You start to see that some of the issues you have are actually really quite small. 


I’ll put it simply, running will improve your sex life.

If you are single and looking, running will make you physically more attractive. But more importantly, it will improve your mood and your confidence. And if you dating, being confident and having a positive mood are probably the sexiest attributes you can wish for.

Running improves your mood which in turn improves your self esteem. People with higher self esteem tend to have a higher libido. A study at Cambridge University found that better runners were more likely to have a higher sex drive and males had a higher sperm count.

Running improves performance. Sex is a cardio activity like running. If you run regularly, you will improve your cardio endurance level which will lead to a more enjoyable, fulfilling experience in the bedroom.

Running reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. Running improves your cardiovascular system. It improves the efficiency of your heart and lungs and it improves the circulation of your blood around the body. A study in the American Journal of Cardiology has shown that erectile dysfunction is linked to poor blood flow as well as obesity, high cholesterol and vascular disease. All of these can be improved by running. 

So next time you are about to sit in front of the TV and watch another box set, go for a run instead. You wont regret it.


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