Running Articles

Here is a list of articles about running to help keep you informed and motivated.

5 Quotes To Keep You Running

Whether you are just starting out as a runner or you’re a seasoned athlete with countless marathons under your belt, you will at one time or another hear that negative voice in your head telling you to skip today and have a lie in or telling you it’s too hard and you should stop. So if you’re thinking about quitting, remember these quotes and keep going. Read more >>

Running Will Make You Younger, Richer, Happier And Better In Bed

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of running. Running helps you lose weight, it’s good for your heart, it strengthens bones and muscles. You’ve probably heard all this time and time again. If hearing this hasn’t motivated you to give it a go, then hearing it again from me isn’t going to make any difference. We all want to be health, but we’re all busy with many plates to keep spinning in our lives, and sometimes, it’s just not our top priority. So instead, I’m going to tell you some other reasons to give running a try. Some of these reasons might appeal to your priorities more. Read more >>